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Abhigyaan is a volunteer organisation operating from BITS Pilani, Goa campus. It comprises of a group of highly motivated students working to help the not so privileged. Anyone and everyone interested in helping out is encouraged to volunteer during its events. With the active participation of the students, it has been able to achieve great feats in the past and aims to continue with the good work. It was back in the August of 2005 when Prof. T.C. Goel proposed an education drive with the aim to achieve the goal of "education for all" during his Independence Day address. Abhigyaan was started with this motto in mind by the students under the guidance of faculty-in-charge, Dr. Basavadatta Mitra in the same year. During it's humble initial days, Abhigyaan was a BITS Night School. The students taught the children of construction workers, the mess staff, the housekeepers and the maintenance staff. A mere total of 34 children were enrolled in its classes. Today, Abhigyaan has come a long way with the voluntary participation of nearly 120 students of BITS Pilani, Goa campus. Members of Abhigyaan regularly visit the neighbouring slum of Lamani to teach and to play with the children. There are also programmes to teach children in the evenings and the the unfortunate, like the mess workers, at night on the campus. Various occasions like the Children's Day, the Republic Day and the Independence Day are celebrated with the underprivileged children. Last year, some of the volunteers also got an opportunity to teach the children how to dance and watched them perform during the opening ceremony of Waves'19, the annual cultural fest of college. Besides these, campus drives, like No Food Wastage Day, are organised regularly with an aim to reduce the overall weight of the food wasted by the students eating in the messes.

Recent events


Donation Drive

Donation drive was an initiative conducted jointly by Nirmaan and Abhigyaan aimed at donating notebooks and clothes to the needy.


Republic Day 2019

On 26th Jan,Abhigyaan organised an event for the kids from Lamani Batch, Evening Batch and the ladies from the English Batch


Children's Day 2018

Abhigyaan celebrated Childern's Day by organising many fun-filled games and events for the Lamani and English Batch kids.


Cleanliness Day

Abhigyaan's initiative of Campus Cleanliness Drive on 2nd of October 2019 saw an amazing response from students as well as the teachers.


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